Controling Film

Over the past couple of weeks, we have all had the pleasure of seeing what work we had done upCtrl Film to certain dates during the term. In addition to this, we had the displeasure of receiving a wave of critique from our peers. To be fair, most of this critique was quite useful and has helped me in particular with selecting more advantageous shots. I had seen all kinds of shots over the many years I have feasted on some sort of television. However, being able to see, more so, to ask my fellow peers how they have used their camera skills makes filming seem even more real. It brings it closer to home, the same is true of editing film.

An acquaintance of mine recently sent me a film called control film which he thought might be useful to my editing process. The film details the story of Christmas preparations. The editor has managed to use very little footage from their own camera. Instead, the film comprises of borrowed footage and still images, all used under the narration of one voice to usher a main point through the video. It is similar to my film, on the grounds that both are about food and on the grounds that both are noctrl 2t employing a singular person focus. The main narrative is the topic, i.e. food, what I’m learning from the film as well as the feedback from my classmates are two main things. One is to ensure I have a clear narrative running through so that people get the point when they watch the film. The other is that the transitions from one scene to another should appear more seamless. As opposed to being quite rough, which is where they are at now. Anyway, there are many days left for editing



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