Moving Forward, But Slowly


On settling on what film to make I have set out to decide who it is I want to film and when exactly they need to be filmed. The trouble is, most of my participants are students at University, some of them being more busy than others makes it difficult to schedule shooting. In addition to this, there isn’t a plethora of equipment to be booked out so I have to work with my other class mates to see what dates are best for me. On a whole, I have to schedule time to book out equipment, ensure participants are ready and capable at said times and then finally make sure the filming conditions are sound. Only THEN can  I proceed to acquire my most precious footage to be later edited.

So far this process has not been manic, however I believe the more everyone gets into their filming, the more difficult the process becomes. So far I have filmed a few people and learnt a lot of things about filming. The first thing I remember learning in my filming process was something we discussed in class many weeks ago. One of my filming participants required me to have the cameras set up and rolling and then for me to leave the room. I would have thought it a bit weird, but I remembered in class we performed a contact exercise which acted as a metaphor for this exact situation. In the exercise we were meant to anchor particular parts of our bodies onto a persons hand.  Through this anchoring the person with the hands represented the camera and the body represented a participant. The hands were meant to feel when it was necessary to increase or decrease pressure in accordance with the will of the anchor without being verbal about it. Fortunately in my case there was a lot of vocal play as I had a rapport with the participant. However I realized it was in the best of both of our interest for me to make the request true. Looking over the footage later proved to me that the decision I made was the best as my participant was able to feel relaxed and say things which were pertinent for my film.

Other things I’m learning includes setting up all my equipment, the first time took a few minutes to set up everything and then make sure it worked properly. The second time I managed to mess up the footage from one camera, but my other camera saved me. After those times things have sailed smoothly since then. I’m looking forward to what new filming trials I come against.




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