Guarding The Gates!

12746348_10208310746867468_1406534341_nShooting off from the awesome film exercises, it became relevant to me that initiating and maintaining contact is of great importance. So I set out to email the proprietress of the location I had chosen to inform her about the details of my research. Fortunately I am acquainted with someone who works at the restaurant and she was able to speak to the owner on my behalf. In addition to this, I sent the establishment an email to brief them of my project.

On sending the email I was thoughtful in my choice of words as I was aware that anthropological jargon can be difficult to comprehend. I was worried about my anthropological jargon creating something that did not exist. In seeking out this particular establishment I was looking for some sort of family corporate culture. However I was wary of stating this from the on set, in fear of the establishment (consciously or unconsciously) creating a culture in order to make this film. I was more interested in seeing what was already present there.
Every anthropologist should acknowledge this phenomenon before going into the field and an element of this is communicated when gaining access.

Sending my first email was successful and I got an inviting reply, and I was instructed to schedule a time which would be convenient for me to come and discuss further my project.  Unfortunately I was not expecting to hear no response from her for 15 days! How am I supposed to plan my project in the absence of input from the owner of the restaurant. In despair I am reminded of John Campbell being rejected and ended up studying the Sarawaitingtkastani instead. It brings a bit of worry but a greater amount of excitement to how this project is going to unfold.

……………Excitement over!! It has now been  more than 20 days, I shall have to make like Mr Campbell and find something and someone else to film.




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